Have we a destiny?

There are events which fall us above and which seem to us inevitable. Then we could say to ourselves simply that it’s the “fate”, that it supposed to be like that. Is it really the “destiny” ? Are there events for which we cannot do anything about it? Were they written beforehand? What is our margin of action? I asked myself for a long time these questions because we can have many impressions of “already seen”; how many times we said ourselves “I knew that it was going to arrive” and it arrived; how many times had we the impression that an event was inevitable and that we could make nothing to prevent him from occurring? When I evoke with the others the hypothesis than we maybe chose the main lines of all which arrives at us even before we came on Earth, it causes a big deal of indignation and a big deal of anger. Why? It seems to us unthinkable to have chosen our physical appearance if it is unpleasant to us; it seems to us unthinkable to have chosen to have an accident if it made us paraplegic; it seems to us unthinkable to have decided to die young and to leave our saddened parents; it seems to us unthinkable to have chosen to live a rough and binding life… Myself lived difficult times and, of course, as everybody, it seemed to me unthinkable that I was able to choose them! And, nevertheless, one day I wondered: “and if I had chosen these difficult events? Why would I have done it?”

A role to play

One day, I understood why I loved so much the cinema. It reflects what I think about the life down here. When we watch a movie; we know that it’s a movie and although that it tells tragic events, we take pleasure to Watch it because the story turns out to be a beautiful lesson of morality at the end. We are conscious that actors are playing their role at the perfection, what allows us to have certain detachment although our hearts are profoundly affected. We understand the message of the movie when this one is ended and we understand why it was realized. The spectator sees nevertheless only the final result, forgetting that the movie was not overnight made! He benefited from several months, years, of preparation, repetitions and it was realized by a lot of people who had quite the same intention: deliver a beautiful message to the population. What matters in a movie is not so much the tragic events which arrive but the reaction of the main characters in the face of these events.

Well, the life could exactly be just like a movie! Imagine that we all chose the main lines of our life… I say well main lines because everything is not congealed in the scale of the Time. The life is in constant movement and everything changes according to the thoughts which we emit. I think that we chose our family, the environment in which we evolve, and all this in which objective? Reach our evolution, enrich our soul. It does not mean that we chose what arrives to the others, I think that we chose to be in their presence to awaken our consciousness. And it’s necessary to understand by “choice” rather a strength of attraction which urges us naturally to be in the “right place” for our evolution. It’s as when we dream and when we have a nightmare. Why have we a nightmare rather than a beautiful dream? Because our spirit is in the grip of dark ideas and they take control of our mental. The law of attraction takes place without any judgment, it only executes what we cultivate, hence the importance of to feed its spirit friendly and enriching thoughts.


Why would we have chosen the physical appearance which is ours, life of our own if we do not love them? There also, it’s necessary to wonder what are our real aspiration in the life and what we expect from her. If you wish to live an infinitely rich life and that you were born in a family which is not rich, what sense has it? It’s the opposite of what we would have wanted! Yes, but let us think… If we were our own father and what we carried a friendly look to our child (in this particular case oneself) and if we knew exactly the consequences, the drift and the advantages that engender the wealth; wouldn’t want we that our child grows up with the necessary values so that he will not be destroyed by his first ambition? What better apprenticeship for this child that to begin at the lowest of the scale? Will not it be more proud in the end to have lived the price of the effort, to have overcome its doubts, to have been over its misfortunes and to have believed in himself at all costs? Will not he be more respectful of the value of the money and he will not use it advisedly having understood and lived the conditions of a life where the money was severely lacking? Our life is a message to the world to transmit as much as it has a message to transmit to us. Why certain people have all that they wish for and are not happy? Isn’t it an opportunity for them to search for the real wealth of the life somewhere else that in the financial aspect? We have all lessons to be learnt of the life and our conditions, although they can seem severe, always urge us to reveal the best of ourself.

Everything has a sense

mountains-846076_1920Even in the worst moments, the events don’t arrive to punish us or to destroy us. Certainly a drama, an accident, a disease is always difficult to surmount and to live with positivism. In these moments, we don’t want anymore to smile… And, for cause; it’s as if a part of us was dying. These tragic events aggravate the links which unite us and reveal our spiritual character. We feel more the connection which was always present but which remained to there unconscious. We feel the suffering of other one as if it was ours, we put ourselves more easily instead of the other one and regret that the events arrived like that. We are powerless and angry not to be able to move heaven and earth, not to have been able to avoid the situation or to be capable of improving it. We can scold the life and wonder why it arrived at the other one and not at oneself? Do not make feel guilty! We shall may ask ourselves all the possible questions and to rethink circumstances differently; we cannot act any more on the past, it’s necessary to us to build and to do our best with the present.

Keep on mind that however tragic events can appear, the story does not end here and one day we shall understand the sense of our existence here. The spirit has an unlimited power and is not submitted to the limitations of the material, he can escape at any time and join other spheres. The moment when the spirit decides to leave this Earth, it’s not to engender of the punishment or the suffering, for the spirit it’s a delivery; the return in its essence. The absence, the space which it leaves behind him is not made to live “space” but rather to incite you to LIVE more and to fill the visible “space”. The death brings us in back to life and shows back to us that our real “house” is not here.

Any tragic event invites us to double energy, to fight for those who are still alive, to transform this negative event into positive… Some day, we all shall have to leave; let’s take care that our presence here be beneficial and that the leaving  of our dear beings be an awakening of consciousness for all those who still live on Earth.


pier-821570_1280It’s possible that the soul, even before coming on Earth, chose the hour of its departure and certain events wich convenient to its evolution. Just like when an actor has to break a contract which he signed to make a movie and that the director makes his character die to release him from his commitment and not perturb the progress of the story. We know perfectly well that the actor “did not die” in reality, it is only the role which he interpreted who will not appear anymore in the told story. The complexity and the mysteries of the life exceedby far the fiction, it’s not by chance that we love so much this way of escape which represents the cinematographic art. That we chose or not all which arrives at us down here, the most mattering is that we are enough strong to face all the situations. Trust the life, she chose you to interpret an important role on this Earth and she trusts your capacity to surmount circumstances and to spread love where some would be allowed consume by the hatred. It’s our reaction in front of events that allows us to climb a new level in the scale of the evolution. The beings which surround us also trust us and know that our love joins in the eternity of Time. Love is eternal, this world is ephemeral. Keep it on your mind! Everything is not written we have the power to build up to ourselves a bright future. It’s our state of mind which builds our fate; the choices which we make and the reactions today that we adopt in the face of the life build the world of tomorrow. Do you go to take control of your life or to let your fate escape from your hands? What do we really control if it’s not our thought and attitude in front of events of the life?

Let us not take our role too much seriously, we are all brothers and sisters who came to spend a few hours before joining our real home. Our destiny is to soak in the happiness… Whatever you lived, whatever you thought; never forget to protect the kindness of your heart and to be authentic, the life is an initiatory journey!


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

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