The Inspirational Life Of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Who would have thought that one of the best soccer players in the world almost did not come into the world…

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Today, at only 32 years old, he has an extraordinary course! We summarized his legendary fate in this video of less than 2 minutes!

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An inspiring life, is not it?

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Article written by LDC, author of Living In Harmony.

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Are you really alive?


I am alive, but do I really appreciate being alive? It would be quite natural and in the logic of things to pretend that beings since they are alive love to be alive. However, many people affirm it themselves or demonstrate it through their behavior: they do not like their lives – or more generally life. But, basically, what does life consist in and love simply? What does it really mean to be alive? How are our decisions the reflection of the projection of our being? How can we transform our lives by loving life and aligning our choices with our desires?

Taking time

  To live is not only to be, but to be alive. I am, but what really makes me alive is not just being there, being present, but being living and expressing all that I am. The essence of being must also be present and free from its conditioning. Being, passively, is not loving life, it is letting oneself live, waiting patiently for death. Being alive becomes meaningful when the being enters into action and lives its being in full expansion, in the image of the universe.
To love means to be in love and not in imposture; Being oneself, being as alive as possible. Loving involves loving to be alive and to fully enjoy life by being sincerely present and conscious. When a being loves life, his curiosity is awake and alert at every moment.
Our whole life is governed and influenced by an essential and individual notion of human existence: time. Without this notion of time, human beings may no longer find reason to pay attention to one of the fundamental pillars of our existence and of life in general: action. And it is action or lack of action that makes it possible to measure or quantify time. But to observe the passing of time, it is still necessary to be stationary, motionless. In this way, the observer observes that time passes. In action, we feel less the weight of time given that we are moving. For the observer it is as if he has suspended time and yet, in action or inaction, time remains the same, it is only our perception that differs. Are we still in inaction, however? No, because observation is a mechanism of action. We must distinguish inaction from inertia.
Inaction is a voluntary or involuntary state of man which is sometimes necessary for him to rest and recharge his batteries, to regain energy, but in no case does he lose his power of action; Inaction remaining a variant of the action that might seem stagnant for the observer. Inertia, in my view, is a voluntary or involuntary state of man, irrespective of the situations that constrain him or not – limiting him or hence depriving him of his power of action – which denies the efforts of the action or of inaction and keeps him in lethargy, in paralysis and inable to make decisions. Inertia is the abnegation of life. Inaction is useful when it preserves life or gives it energy. These nuances are necessary to understand that to love life does not mean rushing to live it or being in hyperactivity constantly. To love life also means taking time, savoring it and not being consumed by its influence which could be overwhelming for those who can not use it wisely.


Some men fear so much death that this fear can condition their whole life through time. Time becomes for them a source of anguish, oppression and a reason to live constantly in an emergency. Why can we fear death? Because we fear not to be, to no longer exist or not have enough time to live fully. In the full consciousness, time no longer exists and our consciousness has access to information that goes beyond our understanding. We know with full awareness that we have no reason to fear the inexistence or annihilation of being, for we embrace the eternity of time in the present moment and we know that death is only the The beginning of a new life. Being never ceases to be. It lasts in another dimension, constantly changing from one state to another, like anything we observe in nature – even those we can not see with the naked eye; we know that they exist without being perceptible! Neither time nor death must therefore constitute obstacles to our development and fulfillment. When we focus our attention on what appears rather than what is, we condemn ourselves to follow the process of death because we refuse to realize that everything is and continues beyond time.

To live is above all to be conscious. To love is to use one’s time with love. And what better way to love if not by offering your time to others and keeping time for yourself? To love life is to live every moment as if it were the last, by abolishing the notion of time. To be really alive is to be present in the eternity of time, in full consciousness and in love at every moment. And every moment is determined by our position, our decision that will deeply reflect the love we have to offer, the being we are really or the one we want to become.


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.



Children of the Universe


I am is in a constant state and in a permanent change. I am here, I am living in the moment and I am aware. This is not a condition that changes overnight, though: our being constantly undergoing changes from one moment to another. What defined me yesterday is no longer quite what defines me today and what will define me in just a few seconds. Besides, what defines me? Set involves putting limits on what I am and to determine a precise and definitive description. In perpetual motion, is it really possible to define a being in its entirety? Just like a child, a human being, regardless of age, is in a constant stage of learning and evolution. Man’s school is none other than life itself. And if life is a school, whose is his master? The Universe. By observing the Universe, the human being learns about himself and about the world and takes the time to learn and understand that it is not so different from the Universe, as could the or pretend to believe if it takes into account only what his eyes see.

Unlimited beings

In general, we could say that what defines a being is its accumulation of experiences, actions undertaken and thoughts he has expressed throughout his life. Finally … in theory, it could well be, but we all know that very few people really care about the thoughts that we emit, preferring to associate ourselves with the debts we have accumulated or not!


Nowadays, many are still to be interested and to define you by the richness of your bank account rather than the richness of your thinking, kindness and imagination! This way of thinking is more attached to the past beings that at present; it takes no account of the change and development of men and situations; and it condemns any human being to be defined by all of its past actions. But we all know we’re not limited to what we experienced! This does absolutely not define us entirely, it only defines a situation at a time T that spawned action and reaction of our being. We are much more than all the mistakes we have committed and will continue to commit because they are an integral part of our teaching and help us to be each day more our true identity. All actions can be defined at the moment they were made. These actions are more attached to our being, but that we were on time. And these actions will be designed to continually repeat itself as we will operate no real change of our being. Change that will transform our lives and leave room for evolution and annihilating these recurring situations which have no purpose that reflect us what you think. As long as we will not accept a new vision of ourselves and the world, as we do not embrace change: we will remain rooted in the limits of time and space and all our old demons will re eventually surface.

To me, the only true definition of what we are is that we are all children of the Universe. It is a constant of the Universe whose space and time have no influence: We are eternal children, regardless of our age, we will always be children in the eyes of the Universe.


When suggested that I take a particular nationality, I usually respond: “How important? I am an inhabitant of the Earth. The origins, nationalities, cultural differences… I see no barriers, no boundaries. I consider myself primarily as a world citizen, as a child of the universe.” Let now the question: “Who are you?” to anyone. What will he respond? It certainly begin to announce their name and surname, date and place of birth, etc. From the moment we do not see that through this flow of ephemeral and trivial information, we impose limits and define our being through futile descriptions that will never reveal exactly what we really are. The way of thinking and act now reveal much more about a person than anything she could have lived before. Thus, we remain open to the field of all possibilities and we can perceive beings as they are in that moment. Tomorrow, they will perhaps longer the same. But what remains constant is that we are all involved in a constant process of learning about ourselves and the world around us.

Our only limits are those we create. We are our own limit. We could also consider boundary or envelope of protection that borrowed body that constantly filter the information so that we can live our human experience by exploring new directions and new dimensions, adapted to our vision and reach of children.

At the school of life

Life is the school of being who learns to become human or the human who learns to be – what it always was: a representation of the universe materialized for the best return. This is not so surprising to see so many disoriented beings by space, time and dimension so dense that they forget their origin. The challenges they face throughout their lives do not happen to destabilize or go against their will, they take place because they go against themselves and refuse to be in the image of the Universe: unlimited beings, creative and full of love.


A child is in the age of innocence. It is simply, without thinking about all the ideas and values we have acquired through our education, environment and personal experiences. They are the purest beings that we can meet here on earth. They feel no malice and when they smiled, they happily refer you a smile in return. A child is the universe at its purest: a concentration of energy and love that gracefully spreads light around. Children have so much to teach us! Do not forget that every experienced this state of innocence (and goodwill). Some lose growing up, but it is ingrained in us forever. When I see suffering beings, I see their inner child lovesick. We keep all our child’s soul, there are only our changing body physically. Growing up, we obviously aware of many things, but our inner child remains in us and follows us like a shadow. And if we neglect its importance, it can not act positively on our lives. We need to listen and provide light, hence the interest to realize his dreams. Our real evolution is to return to basics. This essence represented through the eyes of a child who does not judge and reflects unconditional love.

Human beings are in a constant learning process. And all stages of his life inevitably lead him to better respond to the question “Who am I?” I really find meaning at the end of our existence. Whatever the circumstances are, high energy drives the human being and encourages him to live his experiences and to surpass themselves, to push back its own limits. Whatever he may live, he will never be alone, because the universe is constantly watching over him and guide.

All events that we live help us to grow, to mature and have opportunities to evolve. We can decide to go against life and therefore against yourself or we can decide to follow the example of our great mother or father figure: the Universe. The universe will never bear judgments against the choices we decide to do, we are our own judge, altering, or allowing slowing our progress in this instructive cycle. Our fear of greatness, the other, the outside world prevents us to grow as we could if our fear does not govern our heart. Is not our creative power we fear? A child with too much power in the hands and a great responsibility, would not he afraid? It certainly deny this power, preferring to remain a little longer in the innocence of childhood. Is it not the case for the majority of people? Our conscience knows much more than we could pretend, but we want to stay a little longer unconscious of our true origin. Yet mindfulness delivers us from all our suffering. And man, in full consciousness, understand that it is nothing but a child of the universe and that the whole Universe is reflected in his eyes.

We all hang childhood injuries and our whole life is built according to the love that we have received or not as a child. How many of us secretly keep these wounds heal thinking they forgetting? The only remedy that can heal our open wounds is definitely love. It is not necessary that this love comes from the other, it must first come from himself. Who better than oneself is able to overcome this lack that makes us believe that we are incomplete beings? We have within us all necessary resources since we are in the image of the universe. Like a child learning to walk in the right direction and in the best conditions, everything we need to be aware in the right direction is to be trusted. Everything is perfect in the order of things in the universe. Let us trust Him and live every experience knowing they are always full of good sense. Love in all circumstances: this is probably the best explanation of what we have come to learn! As long as love does not surpass all the suffering and the differences of men, they remain eternal growing children and live Repeatedly phase of the crisis of adolescence!

Like every child, man, conscious or unconscious, do what he thinks is right and just. We all do our best on Earth. Each evolves at its own pace and needs time to recognize. Do not judge us too harshly and accept us as we are: beings evolving, free to choose who we want to be. Our deepest being, he will always remain the same: an integral part of the universe, a child who needs love and light to grow and become the best version of himself.


Written by Leandro De Carvalho
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We are born to realize our dreams!


All life begins with this wonderful process wich is the birth. Our consciousness is then manifested and made us understand that our whole life we must act to give meaning to our existence. Our life could be summed up in three acts: birth, consciousness and action – although I think that consciousness precedes our birth and that these three acts are closely linked. From our birth, and during his grow, the ability to think and discernment of the human being led him to question himself and the world around him and the deep sense of his life. I am leaves room why am I? Naturally, the man devotes therefore his life to overcome the lack of this essential existential information; he studies the world and all it needs to know to adapt as is convenient, it is actively seeking a job that will occupy for the rest of his life and help him obtain, maintain a rich and secure social life – human relations which greatly influence all decisions in its journey towards realizing itself and for the more adventurous to achieve their dreams. Life we not only have a conscience, but also an integrated universe in our consciousness that allows us to escape this reality, the better endure and live in another dimension that meets no limit to development of our imagination. The men called it unconsciousness: it’s the sacred temple and impenetrable of the development of our existence. If man can be strongly influenced, fortunately for him, no one can enter his thoughts and dreams. cultivated dreams and kept secret by a mysterious force that governs the world and our universe: love. Love intimately connects the three pillars of our foundation and gives us the long-awaited answer to this great enigma that man is, why was I born? And why do I continue to live?


I am

It’s a fact: the birth marks the presence of a being. It is there, it is present. What makes the human is his conscience that he will know growing up and making the experience of time. When he looks in the mirror: the man knows that he was and is always present. When I took the lead, time disappears and the man consciously realizes that his existence can not be meaningless. It is in the moment, aware that it is there for a reason. Which ? He does not know exactly. That is why it will deploy its time looking after the mind by not thinking about this question as important as puzzling that could change his life.

This illusory empty, we like to fill the way we want, without judgment or malice from outside. Basically, we love this light and this alleged non-meaning of life because it allows us to be free to act without assuming full responsibility for our existence. “It is the fault of life! ” could we argue to avoid being blamed! We can also direct negative thoughts and acknowledge the plight of not offering us a better life. But is this really the life that gives us nothing or that we deprive ourselves of everything?

At birth, we had life. A life where every human being is free to think, to dream and to act according to his own will: it is the natural state which should in theory remain so for the rest of our lives if it was not constantly modified and influenced by external elements in our thinking. From a young age we are conditioned, educated to respect and adhere to established rules supposed to protect our lives and that of others. Without that, our stay on earth would certainly be short-lived! The human being has adapted the best he could in his time and tries to teach newcomers to adapt to their system, their way of life and thought. Some, however, are struggling to fit in, because their thoughts are contrary to public opinion and ideas are quickly discarded, lest they disturb or abolish a global system that has taken centuries to build. It is an endangered system that undergoes astonishing changes through a general awareness: the human being agrees to think differently and become more responsible!

While many still continue to think that life is meaningless, many people to make sense of it and to turn to their childhood dreams to live a rich life experiences. They understood the importance of living mindfully and be exploiting all their intelligence. We can be and move around here and there, obediently following the current, adapting to the collective movement without assuming the creative power we have on this moment: to turn our thoughts into actions and carry through these actions our conscience for import them sense.


We are all a stream of thoughts that dream to materialize in our reality. We all have dreams waiting to be realized that hope that our consciousness gives them permission to go into action. The human being is a dreamer by nature and only action can lead to his complete satisfaction.

The human being is born with the ability to think and dream. These two faculties make an intelligent being able to adapt, reason, feel emotions, experience feelings and think about the meaning of his existence. Why are we born ? This is probably the most mysterious riddle of all time and the most concern men. Our existence is it really meaningless? Are our intellectual faculties the result of coincidence and circumstances of course? Are we limited to our five senses or we have more? Why do we have a conscience and why it that we did it grows to seek the meaning of our existence? What is our place in the universe? And what is the importance of our dreams in this material world?


An empty life meaning makes no sense. We can spend our lives believing that our presence on Earth is the result of chance. We may think that the universe had fun dice and propelled us randomly where we perhaps would never have wanted to be, where we could possibly give our favorite spot to another being. But no, it is us who are in this position! We can be in denial or acceptance. We can be content to be in the adaptation or creation. Adaptation is a cure, but it is not the most effective solution for those who want to live a meaningful life. Of course, adaptation is necessary but as we stay quietly in a process of adaptation we continually refoulerons our creative process just waiting to be tapped and released from our ephemeral and illusory packaging. Even if we think that our life has no meaning, we have to create one himself. This is our life, otherwise we advanced blindly like puppets to the fate that awaits us all: death. But much more important than death, life deserves our attention. And life is full of opportunities, paths just waiting to be borrowed or created. For this, we must have a clear vision of what we want, what we infuses enthusiasm as we remember why we love being alive. What powerful force keeps us alive when our problems become so heavy that they stifle us, giving us the ability to overcome all our problems or continue our existence? Love.

Love is the most powerful energy that keeps us alive. Love is our reason for living. This force gives a critical meaning to our existence. In this sense, there is not one being on Earth who do not inherently have the ability to love. Love comes in many forms; there are so many ways to love that dream. If you can not find meaning in your life, turn to love. Ask yourself what keeps you alive and the answer will seem obvious. We are born to love and realize our dreams!


 Written by Leandro De Carvalho
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"7 thoughts wich changed my life" soon on

How will the world tomorrow?


We could still wonder of all the violence generated excessively but did we only think of the real solutions which can be brought? Our fear of the others conditions us to skip over measures which could, nevertheless, turn out to be effective. We have only to think about the behavior of the man towards animals to realize that the violence is omnipresent and trivialized every day. Why do we consider today a man who mistreats a pet as a potential criminal and all those who work in slaughterhouses as model citizens? Our treatment to certain animals is a blatant example of our violence. At the bottom, everyone is free to feed as he wishes. We need to fill and it’s completely natural to have to feed. The life is present everywhere and under various forms. The life feeds on us and also feeds us. I think that it’s simply important to respect the life and all the resources which she puts in our reach.

Our relationship with the life


Of what are we most afraid? To change our habits, to change our lifestyle, to have no more work? We are all capable of being renewed and of acting by respecting the human and sensitive beings. Our overconsumption, our fervent rhythm is leading our planet to a critical state. We have to slow down! We have to respect more the fate of animals and their sensibility. Cannot they also deserve to live in the decency and to be treated with more intelligence and humanity? Our relationship with the life is determining in front of all which occurs. The life is only the reflection of what we think and what we make unconsciously or conscious. And if we became aware that we are the only responsible ones for the relation which we maintain with the life and that she is only reflecting us the look which we concern to her?



There are, besides, new energies today which could be organized and which have difficulty in making surface because of the numerous economic and financial stakes. Nevertheless, these energies would bring us many more advantages if they were provided to us. One more time, the men prefer to maintain intact their privileges; it has to stop! The world goes very fast and at the same time the evolution is constantly slowed down or pushed away by those who are afraid of the future. The future is inevitable! Why not to go simply to the sense of the life instead of wanting always to go against its desires? We could think wrongly that the energy or vital resources are depletable and, however, we know perfectly that they are renewable of any way. Solutions arrive in due course to solve every problem! When an element disappears, a new substitution element appears under our nose! Why are we afraid that there are not enough resources for everybody? Why do not we say that there are enough wealth, whatever they are, for everybody? It’s our attitude in front of wealth of the world that is important; to have a better relationship with the life will allow us of all to be more spread.

Our relationship with the others

fantasy-1155223_1280As long as we shall not exceed our fear of the others, it will be difficult to us to think of the disarmament of all the planet and the abolition of nuclear weapons. We have the capacity to create every types of weapons and it can evolve in time; new weapons can be born and be doubtless more destructive. The manufacturing of weapons in the name of the security is a blatant hypocrisy because whatever we say it: a weapon is made to kill. And this power to kill conduit in a lot of drift and engenders many more dramas than it protects us in reality. Isn’t it strange that the man protects himself constantly from himself? It shows well the state of mind in which some soak: the insecurity, the fear, the ill-being. And if we were in accordance with oneself and all the beings? Would we have the idea to wish that members of our sort disappear? Would we have the idea to attack oneself if we were conscious that the other one is an integral part of oneself?

We spend far too many time to point at our differences instead of concentrating on what gathers us. We built up to ourselves enemies within the humanity while in reality our only enemy it’s our way of thinking. And if we thought of being allies more for the others instead of fighting the ones against the others? If we develop our understanding of the aspiration of others, we open to love and we annul any feeling of hatred. Because, at the bottom, the hatred results from the incomprehension. Let us leave our apprehensions aside and let us open to new thoughts. Let’s also agree not to understand everything and to love the others without conditions. Everybody is here for a good reason. Let us not try to control the others; let us control only our thoughts and our actions. The future of the humanity depends only on our way of thinking and act.

Our relationship to oneself


aurora-1185877_1920The unique person on whom we can act is no other than oneself. We can find our essence and show the example. To live a spread life, to find its harmony, to love itself and to love the life are obvious facts! Imagine the future of the humanity if everybody was in accordance with oneself, if everybody really lived the life which he longs to live, in harmony with the others and the world. This world is possible! This life about which we dream is practicable! It is entirely up to us to be attuned to its desires and to do his utmost to live fully his life without feeling the need to hurt the others. A good being in its body and in the head will feel no envy to see the others disappearing. He will have understood that each is essential in the development of our planet and that he is not here to live at the expense of the others but to enjoy its own blooming. Before thinking of the common well-being of the humanity, the man has to get at first to be in any harmony with himself. The man doesn’t have to try to be perfect, he must simply be true. And the truth it’s that we cannot oblige the others to change, we can only tempt them to carry out and to act by registering their acts in the eternity, in any humility. Let us accept our defects and our qualities! Let us watch to give always the best of oneself, to transform every negative event into a positive outcome and let’s make of our defects an opportunity to evolve. The relation which we maintain with ourself is the most important because it influences largely the behavior of the whole humanity.

Due to remaining anchored in the memories of the past without concentrating on what we can undertake to improve it and not begin again our errors, we are condemned to repeat these patterns of misfortune. Today, they just take a new scale but they remain in the lineage of the previous years. And these plans will persist as long as we shall not decide to change radically our vision of the life and our behavior. What can we make then if we cannot change the world current victim of the recollections of its past? As said it Gandhi: “be the change you want to see in the world.” We can make something simple, at our level and which can have positive consequences on the whole humanity: have beautiful thoughts and live in full consciousness. We can release ourselves from repeated plans which were bequeathed to us by our previous generations, we can think of the world otherwise and begin to undertake what we would want to leave as souvenir for the future generations. If the current world was created by the thoughts of our predecessors, of what are we going to think today so that tomorrow will be better?


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

The thought creates the reality!

We could underestimate the creative power of a thought… however, everything arises from a thought! Our thought creates the reality. The world such as it is today was built thanks to the thoughts of the men which preceded us. If we observe the scale of the time of the evolution of the thought: the thought strongly developed. There are, nevertheless, many points which can be improved. The Universe records everything and we carry in us the imprints of the past of the humanity. Our current society likes to look back on all the past events, and it’s a good thing to never forget what happened, however, it’s also necessary to us to make peace with this past, to cut the umbilical cord which bind us to be able to let emerge new thoughts and to contribute to the construction of a world “freed” or “cured” of all its wounds.

The power of the intention


The intention is essential in any action. She precedes the thought, directs it and engenders the action. Most of the people who influence the world today are attracted by the power much more than by our serenity and our self-fulfillment. These leaders think in the short term. Their intention, if it was really friendly, would engender more benefactions for the humanity. For the moment, the system still holds but it’s as a time bomb which gets ready to explode at any time. Why? Because the system thinks essentially only in protecting its interests to the detriment of the real needs for the humanity. It’s not made to last and it in spite of all the tools set up to maintain our consciousness in a state of lethargy to support better the events without they look like a tragedy. We have the right to be revolted and to want that the situations change! Well before we, men and women fought and dared to demand loud and clear changes for the evolution of the humanity. And they were right! Their intention was triumphant and allowed us a freedom of action which formerly was punishable and unthinkable.


The evolution of the society will not be made overnight, it will take the time wich is necessary, maybe it will take centuries and centuries before managing at a better system to live together which, today, becomes obsolete. At the bottom, it’s not so much the current situation which matters but our report in front of situations which fall to us. Let us not forget that tomorrow the society will be made by all the new-born which have not still had time to be soiled by the backward thoughts of the humanity. Every day are born free thinkers and thanks to them the world can only be better.

How many people think that a single human being cannot make the weight in front of rest of the world? How many legendary examples had we to prove to ourselves the opposite? Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Walt Disney, the Dalai Lama, to quote only some of them… All contributed to their scale in the improvement of our world and in the expansion of beautiful ideas which, even today, resound in our spirits. Their friendly intention was stronger than everything and it made them eternal characters who will have made history for ever. We all have the potential to reveal our greatness provided that our intentions are the best. It’s love of the humanity that has to carry us rather than love of the power. And the power of the intention can change all the situations.

The power of the imagination

cupid-846939_1920Nothing is due at random. The world of today was thought, imagined even before we didn’t put our first foot on the ground. There were big ideas which built our world. Why is it important to keep its capacity to think? To bring to the world new ideas and imagine what could be tomorrow. At the school, we teach us very often to look like everybody instead of highlighting and developing our differences. As soon as anybody stands out, we exclude him by qualifying him as “eccentric” or as “rebel” but, isn’t it people who went against the current ideas which changed the face of our world?

Many fight so that this world doesn’t change and to keep their privileges down here. Nevertheless, although some people want to educate us to be suitably integrated into the society, there is an element which nobody can never remove us: our imagination, our freedom to think.

Einstein said: “the imagination is more important than the knowledge.”

So, why do people cross more time to want to inculcate us the knowledge rather than to enrich our imagination? Because each has a big power which can upset the face of the world! The imagination offers a big power.

The intelligence is not necesary an accumulation of knowledge. The real intelligence has an emotional intelligence which allows it to distinguish what is good to store or to leave aside while having an open-mindedness on the questions of the humanity and the world. The benevolent intelligence doesn’t close in sealed ideas which slow down the evolution of the humanity. The real intelligence is the one of the heart, the knowledge is its mentor and the imagination is the mainspring of it. To be curious about everything is a real quality to perceive the echos of the “Truth”, on the condition of keeping its mind open to the field of all the possibilities.

The mirror of the soul

10003687_547129365384363_629964686_oThe reality of today is just like the soul of the humanity. A partially tormented humanity, with striking wounds and which doesn’t know how to take care of itself. We regret all the lack of sharing, the disparity of the wealth, the conflicts, the wars, the hardness of the world of the work and the entrepreneurship, the depletion of resources, etc., waiting desperately that big decisions are taken forgetting that we have the power to get loose from this influence. How? By longing to be in accordance with oneself, by standing back on the current society and by trying to live fully without giving in to the pressure of the consumption, of the reason and the “mediocrity” or the “normality” which is inculcated in us. We were all born greats!

We were born to carry out great things! Money is the sinews of war on this planet. Now, we have the power to use it as we think best and even to influence the market thanks to the way we employ it. Did you thought that it would be enough a single day not to spend money to create an economic and financial disaster? Frightening, right? For whom? For all those who manage us. I am not certain that it’s the best of the solutions but, without arriving to there, we can use our door exchange in a more conscientious way for our real well-being. Let us control the feelings which can be fatal to us, let us not being influenced without thinking of our evolution. In our scale, we can begin to act from now and our example will resound in the heart of the humanity. The life sends back to us the thoughts which we throw her and the feelings which we express her. Down here, all our faiths materialize, all our dreams come true. The world is the mirror of our common souls and it’s exactly that which makes all its fortune…

Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

If we ask you for it, don’t change!


Why should not you change when a person asks to you for it? Why is it necessary to wait that the change, if it’s imperative, comes from ourself? To answer these questions, we have to distinguish the “change” and the “evolution”. How many times did your circle of acquaintances ask you to change a part of your behavior or a part of your personality so that you are more for their taste or adapted them to what they expect from you? We don’t count them any more! It almost became an usual unhealthy to criticize always and to say that this haircut doesn’t make us beautiful or that our mimes don’t please, etc. You know what? We cannot please everybody! But if this haircut pleases you: keep it! If you cannot refrain from having facial mimes which disturb the others and which are a part of you: what do you want to change? It constitutes your difference! And our difference is a wealth! Most of people depreciate the differences and wish to see you going into a “standard” which appears to them “logic” and more gratifying. Logical and gratifying for whom, for what? You disabuse: the logic is to stay such as we are, to assume and to develop our differences! Not to change them, develop them; to make them assets, strengths rather than shames and weights on our shoulders.

Be attuned to oneself before the others

nature-690164_1280The most importing opinion is your opinion; not that of the others. Certainly, the others can give you a good advice and invite you to improve a part of you whom YOU wish to change and you will do well to listen to their advice – given that you are the person at the origin of the quest of a change. In this case: the outside opinion can be a good indicator of the way to go to reach your search for the change. In case you asked for nothing: be careful! The outer notices are to be taken with a lot of precaution. Our differences can disturb them because they have, possibly, a dispute to be settled with themselves and, as a result, they send back through you their problems. Thus make the difference between the notices which long to get you of the good and those who are hostile and have no foundation. Those are not really worth it and they are very many to be cross-posted on our being by way of “garbage dump” and of “outlet”.

Personally, I always abstain from emitting a criticism who is not constructive or who can prevent the personal fulfillment of other one without we ask to me for it. I respect the free arbitrator of other one. And if we ask to me for it and that I have only very few positive things to be said; I say it openly without beating around the bush, always by explaining what I really think in any benevolence or I keep silent if the person in front of me shows signs of intolerance. I could, of course, express myself differently with more tact and diplomacy but it would not be any more me! Yet, would the impact of my statements always have the same impact if they were otherwise delivered? We have all our own way of expressing us, it can never please everybody. It’s not a reason to become distorted! To be in accordance with oneself suggests to respect itself and to accept such as we are. If the others do not accept you such as you are and such as you feel judged permanently; maybe it’s the time to think of changing circle of acquaintances rather than to change oneself.


To listen to oneself before the others is essential not to be influenced to change your deep nature which, it, is worth gold. The people who don’t recognize their own internal wealth will tend to want to deprive you of yours, unconsciously, not having been able to develop and to take advantage of their own differences. You want a sincere and friendly opinion? Turn to the people who have some respect for them, who have no complex, who know each other and accept easily with their qualities and their defects, who know the importance to develop confidently and who know how to distinguish love of one and excess of self-esteem. These people, who don’t feel the need to belittle the others to feel existing and valued, will know how to help you to give the best of yourselves without any hostility and stalk of adversity. We are such as we are, we don’t need to change. We shall change in time, if we feel the desire to change. Not to please the others but for oneself. Because it will be a deep desire from us. Not to fill the lack of respect of others or repeat the pattern bound to the wounds which they were able to have in their past but because we shall be carried by the revelation of our real “I”.

Face negative criticisms

843938_368285533268748_1767953799_oRMore you will be criticized, more it’s possible that you are close to your real identity. If you are not criticized it’s because you make nothing spectacular to move closer to your dreams. I can understand that we prefer the tranquillity and the good relationships but, you know, I endured myself the expenses of diverse criticisms up to here and I always felt quiet in my mind. Why? Because the critics did not affect me so much that they would have been able to affect me if I tried to make unanimously with everybody. Very fortunately, I have never listened to my detractors and I completely assumed choices led me to live expériences which enriched my essence. I have even had straight ahead a day in a remark which was a surprise to me: “your problem it’s that you love yourself too much!” Really? I have never had the impression to love myself with “excess”, I love myself as high as my love for the others and I consider my person as being a member of “others”. Why is it seems “excess” in the eyes of the others? Maybe because they are not used to see so much joy of living and so much love to the life. I learnt to love myself, certainly, but I especially learnt to love the life and those who are a member of my life! People hear only what they are willing to hear, useless to spend its energy to justify his personality if this one is not well received and badly interpreted. What the others say of us says much more on them than on ourself. Those who are lacking love to themselves will always have difficulty understanding those who overflow love and who refuse to consider as victims of the life either the limited beings. Still continue to spread love! Love is not a problem: it’s THE solution to all the problems!

Keep in mind that the others show us love which they feel to themselves and to the world. There is no evil to love itself and to assert his personality, in accordance with oneself. Those who will accept you such as you are will be excellent allies; others will quite simply to be avoid!

Get loose from the other people’s opinion

ballet-1033163_1920Other reason why we could be brought to change: the other people’s opinion. A look which prevents us, very too often, from expressing and from highlighting our essence. The judgment of others, if we consider them, can block us and prevent us from daring to be whom we really are. We can, so, cross our life living in a “lie”, to fool itself to oneself if with the others we sent back a “suitable” image. All this is a brake in our evolution. The other people’s opinion can hide our own view and transform us gradually into somebody that we don’t recognize. Make what looks like you without taking into account the “Set”.

What look have you on yourself? What look have the others on you? For a long time, I was able to notice the enormous gap which there was between whom I was and what I reflected in the eyes of people. Maybe you also feel the effects of this gap… Why can we have a gap? Simply because we are not in harmony, in coherence with ourselves either we were not earlier – it surprises then your entourage which “does not recognize” you anymore. Because, exactly, we longed to please the others and we did not make what was in echo with our deep being. I fooled myself for a long time by trying to distort me and by making choices which corresponded to me little by comparison with that my heart dictated to me. I tried to adapt myself to the others and then I understood that it belonged to the others to adapt itself to me! If you have the impression to fool yourselves and to be at the expense of the people’s opinion, in that case, a council: stay how you are, it’s better to be depreciated for what we are that being appreciated for what we are not! The unique look which matters it’s yours; others will used to it in time!


If we ask you for it, don’t change! Whatever you thought, whatever you said, whatever you do: always look for the authenticity. Be authentic, in accordance with yourselves. Do not let the others dictate you the changes which only you can make if your heart encourages you to make it. Do not try to please the others if we force you not to respect yourselves and to make cross your personal pleasure in the second plan. Remain sincere with yourselves and you will also be it with the others. And what is better than the honesty and the authenticity to build solid and friendly relations? We change constantly every day which passes, naturally. The time develops us with our rhythm, in a hasty way or slowly. It does not matter, the change is neither good or bad; it is inevitable. The change is the gasoline of our electrical wire; he allows us to move forward on our road without colliding the passers-by who would cross our way. He helps us to understand that, without him, we cannot arrive at the destination that we settled. Without change: we stay in the stop. It’s our seat belt which helps us to remain alive. We can very well remove our seat belt but, sooner or later, it will be necessary to us to take back the road and the journey which we shall undertake could well change us for ever! Change: yes! But always keep your “gasoline” to move forward!


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.



I saw synchronicities regularly every day. Since the development of the theory of the synchronicity by Carl Gustav Jung, we have to admit that these synchronicities are not due to the simple fate. Although diverse thoughts are emitted on this matter and the science did not still manage to demonstrate the causality of these phenomena, I would like to develop here my thought on the synchronicity to bring a new testimony on a principle so natural as intriguing that I lived for years in full consciousness. How show themselves synchronicities? What do they mean? What message do they have to transmit us? What role do they play within the humanity and what do they reveal us about our presence on Earth? Are these synchronicities really meaningless or do they inform us about our power of influence?

How show synchronicities themselves?

traveller-1149973_1920All these coincidences which come just at the right time, these friend’s spontaneous appearances to whom we were thinking, these supernatural solutions to our problems which we find even though we tried to solve them, these hours mirrors which we observe every time we look at the clock either at these subliminal messages which we hear on the radio, on the television or every time we can find in a book, a magazine and which seem to talk to our subconscious… All this: they are synchronicities.

We can also meet people who are pleasant to us to look, who communicate us good energies and who remind us friends whom we appreciate or in of others than we appreciate less… These meetings are not the fruit of the chance; they make us feel good and are as winks of the Universe towards us either warn us of our psychic incompatibility, invite us to exceed our apriori and to transcend our negative feelings to bring us to unconditional love. Moments which align themselves perfectly with our thought or which intervene in a moment perfectly orchestrated to develop us. These demonstrations amaze us very often due to their appearance in the “good time”.

I remember the day when I went to sell a product for which I had the feeling to have been hurt by the price from which we had bought it to me. By going out of the shop, I came face to face with a panel which posted “the scam” in bold type. I smiled and I said to myself: “yes, it was sure a scam!” The life confirmed through this synchronicity my first feeling for which I wanted to be convinced of the opposite. The life alerted me and sent me a clear message! And doubtless these few lines represent a synchronicity for you; a message which arrives at the “good time”; as you asked yourselves the questions on synchronicities and maybe will be here the answers that you were waiting for.

What do the synchronicities mean?


Since a long time, and even today, when I watch the time I fall over hours mirrors; it can be 12:12 am, 1:13 pm, 2:14 pm and so on. I did not always understand the sense to observe such coincidences until I understand that in reality it was simply a message of the Universe that indicated to me that I was at the right place, at the right time, that I was on the right way in perfect harmony with myself and with the Universe. These synchronicities testify of our connection, our awakened consciousness and our alignment with our deep aspiration. The life wishes to see us spread and to borrow the best paths for our evolution and blooming.

The life communicates subtly through coincidences, synchronicities are present to notice us that we do not move forward alone; the life is constantly on our side and stays up us, as a mother would stay up her child and would make every effort not to see him stumbling. And even though he would fall, the life would always help him to get up so that he continues to move forward. Synchronicities are just like a smile which the life sends to us to cheer up our face. Think to it the next time that you will be the witness of a synchronicity: smile, the life delivers you a message!

What message do they have to transmit to us?


Carl Gustav Jung said: “what we do not want to know about oneself happens from the outside as a fate.” Indeed, synchronicities are as well the reflection of the fact as the man does not dare to admit. Then, arrives an event, a gesture, a word, an opportunity, which allows us to restore the truth and to enlighten our feelings towards our situation. But, at the bottom, we do not always want to face the facts and we are then condemned to reproduce the same errors as long as we do not understand what these errors have to learn us. Carl Gustav Jung also evokes some words about it and asserts that: “those who learn nothing of the unpleasant facts of their lives, force the cosmic consciousness to reproduce them as often as necessary, to learn what teaches the drama of what arrived. What you deny submits you. What you accept transforms you.”

It is necessary to us to accept these synchronicities as positive indications of our way towards the change and the evolution. These coincidences underline our good orientation, they are friendly. Everyone is free to understand the sense and to see a light rather than a border there. These synchronicities are full of sense; they intervene through beings, dreams, circumstances, environment, and even our unconscious behavior. Think of all these “subconsciously deliberate mistakes”, were they really missed or, after careful consideration, did not they disagree with your deep will and were not they going to lead you in a way which did not correspond to you? Even though we refused certain opportunities which would have allowed us to evolve, the life will synchronize perfectly with our will and will know how to come back to us when we shall be ready.

No panic! Of any way, the message which is intended for you will reach your consciousness when you will decide to agree more importance to yourself. Look deep down in your heart; there is nothing outside which is not already in you. Our consciousness shelters all the answers to our questions; synchronicities long simply to awaken our consciousness so that the answers seem to us clearer. And the most clear message that they have to transmit us is: listen to your heart, everything arrives in time and at the good hour. Keep your awakened consciousness and the obvious facts will lead you to your destiny!

What reveal us synchronicities on the scale of the humanity?


This perfect synchronization of the events and our thoughts with certain people who surround us testifies of the energy which circulates and which is omnipresent on Earth; proof also that the Universe registers everything and that any information joins in the eternity of Time. The time confronts only thanks to our consciousness and, in reality, the distance between the realization of our thoughts and the same moment when we emit a thought has no importance; the Universe considers it as already realized!

All the circumstances which we shall meet afterward will be opportunities to put acts in execution to concretize the thought. These opportunities come to comfort our thought and to bring it where it is intended to go, provided that it is in accordance with the creative and friendly intentions which the life carries in our own intention. It is also the proof that our thoughts and our actions influence indirectly the evolution of the humanity and that the human being is made to meet, to communicate. I often repeated it: our life is a message to the world as much as the world has a message to transmit us. What we ignore it’s that the thoughts which we emit and the actions which we undertake also operate in the consciousness of others; they join the collective spirit and synchronize perfectly through other spirits in echo with ours.


Did not you ever wonder if when you had held out the hand to somebody, somebody else in another place of the world and at the same moment had been also able to act in the same way as you? Why when an idea or a trend is outlined on the horizon, numerous are the ones to follow this idea, this trend blindly? Because the moment when this idea or this trend has to take life came and the Universe does everything to be synchronized with the plans that it planned for us. You certainly had a heap of ideas to which you preferred not to pay it attention and you were able to notice afterward that somebody else had implemented them. You certainly said yourselves: “but, it’s my idea!” Well, in reality, it’s the idea of the Universe! And if the Universe cannot pass by you to give life to this idea, he addressed somebody else who knew how to listen to him more and who trust him. In any event: the Universe do not wait whom you are ready to execute his idea if you are not inclined to listen to him and to work with him… If the time has come, the Universe will always find an attentive ear to be heard and watch that the world continues to progress in due course. The Universe works for the life and for the humanity; if he considers that an idea is ready to be shared, he will put it in execution through all the minds which will pay him attention.


Synchronicities are proofs of our connection with the Universe and our unicity with the whole humanity. In the past of the humanity, it still reigns mysteries over the identical construction of certain structures and the similar behavior with other civilizations even though they arranged no means of communication between them. For me, the answer seems to me clear: it’s one of the peculiarities of the synchronicity; the simultaneous transmission of the thought. The synchronicity is the demonstration of what connects us yet, if the Universe can communicate with us, we can also communicate with the others through our thoughts and our actions which become soaked in their consciousness at the moment when we act! The behavior which we have to ourselves is a direct inheritance which we bequeath to the humanity. The responsibility of the human being to himself is immense; he carries in him a message and transmit it to the whole humanity. The thoughts and the acts are not without consequences: they influence the future of the man and feed the human consciousness. Every human being has a leading role to be played on Earth and synchronicities underline to what extent it’s important to be oneself in accordance with the world and to live in full consciousness so that our thoughts and our acts do not cause our decline.

“Every man is a sacred story” said Patrice de La Tour du Pin.

We more realize the truthfulness of its words when we are conscious that the man is an expression of the Universe and that the Universe calls us ceaselessly to order to reveal us our mission on Earth and to show us to what extent we are any important for him. Following the example of the butterfly; a single man can cause an earthquake so much as he can highlight the best of this Earth which shelters him in a perfect synchronization.

“There is not a chance, there are only meetings.”

Paul Eluard


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

Have we a destiny?

There are events which fall us above and which seem to us inevitable. Then we could say to ourselves simply that it’s the “fate”, that it supposed to be like that. Is it really the “destiny” ? Are there events for which we cannot do anything about it? Were they written beforehand? What is our margin of action? I asked myself for a long time these questions because we can have many impressions of “already seen”; how many times we said ourselves “I knew that it was going to arrive” and it arrived; how many times had we the impression that an event was inevitable and that we could make nothing to prevent him from occurring? When I evoke with the others the hypothesis than we maybe chose the main lines of all which arrives at us even before we came on Earth, it causes a big deal of indignation and a big deal of anger. Why? It seems to us unthinkable to have chosen our physical appearance if it is unpleasant to us; it seems to us unthinkable to have chosen to have an accident if it made us paraplegic; it seems to us unthinkable to have decided to die young and to leave our saddened parents; it seems to us unthinkable to have chosen to live a rough and binding life… Myself lived difficult times and, of course, as everybody, it seemed to me unthinkable that I was able to choose them! And, nevertheless, one day I wondered: “and if I had chosen these difficult events? Why would I have done it?”

A role to play

One day, I understood why I loved so much the cinema. It reflects what I think about the life down here. When we watch a movie; we know that it’s a movie and although that it tells tragic events, we take pleasure to Watch it because the story turns out to be a beautiful lesson of morality at the end. We are conscious that actors are playing their role at the perfection, what allows us to have certain detachment although our hearts are profoundly affected. We understand the message of the movie when this one is ended and we understand why it was realized. The spectator sees nevertheless only the final result, forgetting that the movie was not overnight made! He benefited from several months, years, of preparation, repetitions and it was realized by a lot of people who had quite the same intention: deliver a beautiful message to the population. What matters in a movie is not so much the tragic events which arrive but the reaction of the main characters in the face of these events.

Well, the life could exactly be just like a movie! Imagine that we all chose the main lines of our life… I say well main lines because everything is not congealed in the scale of the Time. The life is in constant movement and everything changes according to the thoughts which we emit. I think that we chose our family, the environment in which we evolve, and all this in which objective? Reach our evolution, enrich our soul. It does not mean that we chose what arrives to the others, I think that we chose to be in their presence to awaken our consciousness. And it’s necessary to understand by “choice” rather a strength of attraction which urges us naturally to be in the “right place” for our evolution. It’s as when we dream and when we have a nightmare. Why have we a nightmare rather than a beautiful dream? Because our spirit is in the grip of dark ideas and they take control of our mental. The law of attraction takes place without any judgment, it only executes what we cultivate, hence the importance of to feed its spirit friendly and enriching thoughts.


Why would we have chosen the physical appearance which is ours, life of our own if we do not love them? There also, it’s necessary to wonder what are our real aspiration in the life and what we expect from her. If you wish to live an infinitely rich life and that you were born in a family which is not rich, what sense has it? It’s the opposite of what we would have wanted! Yes, but let us think… If we were our own father and what we carried a friendly look to our child (in this particular case oneself) and if we knew exactly the consequences, the drift and the advantages that engender the wealth; wouldn’t want we that our child grows up with the necessary values so that he will not be destroyed by his first ambition? What better apprenticeship for this child that to begin at the lowest of the scale? Will not it be more proud in the end to have lived the price of the effort, to have overcome its doubts, to have been over its misfortunes and to have believed in himself at all costs? Will not he be more respectful of the value of the money and he will not use it advisedly having understood and lived the conditions of a life where the money was severely lacking? Our life is a message to the world to transmit as much as it has a message to transmit to us. Why certain people have all that they wish for and are not happy? Isn’t it an opportunity for them to search for the real wealth of the life somewhere else that in the financial aspect? We have all lessons to be learnt of the life and our conditions, although they can seem severe, always urge us to reveal the best of ourself.

Everything has a sense

mountains-846076_1920Even in the worst moments, the events don’t arrive to punish us or to destroy us. Certainly a drama, an accident, a disease is always difficult to surmount and to live with positivism. In these moments, we don’t want anymore to smile… And, for cause; it’s as if a part of us was dying. These tragic events aggravate the links which unite us and reveal our spiritual character. We feel more the connection which was always present but which remained to there unconscious. We feel the suffering of other one as if it was ours, we put ourselves more easily instead of the other one and regret that the events arrived like that. We are powerless and angry not to be able to move heaven and earth, not to have been able to avoid the situation or to be capable of improving it. We can scold the life and wonder why it arrived at the other one and not at oneself? Do not make feel guilty! We shall may ask ourselves all the possible questions and to rethink circumstances differently; we cannot act any more on the past, it’s necessary to us to build and to do our best with the present.

Keep on mind that however tragic events can appear, the story does not end here and one day we shall understand the sense of our existence here. The spirit has an unlimited power and is not submitted to the limitations of the material, he can escape at any time and join other spheres. The moment when the spirit decides to leave this Earth, it’s not to engender of the punishment or the suffering, for the spirit it’s a delivery; the return in its essence. The absence, the space which it leaves behind him is not made to live “space” but rather to incite you to LIVE more and to fill the visible “space”. The death brings us in back to life and shows back to us that our real “house” is not here.

Any tragic event invites us to double energy, to fight for those who are still alive, to transform this negative event into positive… Some day, we all shall have to leave; let’s take care that our presence here be beneficial and that the leaving  of our dear beings be an awakening of consciousness for all those who still live on Earth.


pier-821570_1280It’s possible that the soul, even before coming on Earth, chose the hour of its departure and certain events wich convenient to its evolution. Just like when an actor has to break a contract which he signed to make a movie and that the director makes his character die to release him from his commitment and not perturb the progress of the story. We know perfectly well that the actor “did not die” in reality, it is only the role which he interpreted who will not appear anymore in the told story. The complexity and the mysteries of the life exceedby far the fiction, it’s not by chance that we love so much this way of escape which represents the cinematographic art. That we chose or not all which arrives at us down here, the most mattering is that we are enough strong to face all the situations. Trust the life, she chose you to interpret an important role on this Earth and she trusts your capacity to surmount circumstances and to spread love where some would be allowed consume by the hatred. It’s our reaction in front of events that allows us to climb a new level in the scale of the evolution. The beings which surround us also trust us and know that our love joins in the eternity of Time. Love is eternal, this world is ephemeral. Keep it on your mind! Everything is not written we have the power to build up to ourselves a bright future. It’s our state of mind which builds our fate; the choices which we make and the reactions today that we adopt in the face of the life build the world of tomorrow. Do you go to take control of your life or to let your fate escape from your hands? What do we really control if it’s not our thought and attitude in front of events of the life?

Let us not take our role too much seriously, we are all brothers and sisters who came to spend a few hours before joining our real home. Our destiny is to soak in the happiness… Whatever you lived, whatever you thought; never forget to protect the kindness of your heart and to be authentic, the life is an initiatory journey!


Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

And if the world was just an illusion?


My three loyal allies which inspire my thoughts are: my consciousness, my heart and the science. There are obvious facts which are just in front of our eyes! “The nature is made well!” It’s enough for it to observe the world which surrounds us: we are all endowed with an organic system and with senses which allow us to live and to adapt ourselves to the environment. The science made a considerable jump and succeeds in explaining a heap of things which were still vague centuries behind. The science allows us to understand better the world in which we live but it’s only explaining what our consciousness, in fact, already knows perfectly well. And the consciousness gets closer a little more its essence thanks to the elements which brings it the science. The science revealed us that everything is constituted by atoms; whether it’s in the space or on Earth, any alive or dead species; we are all atoms. And it turns out that the volume of atoms is constituted by space in 99,9999999999999 %, that is practically 100 %! Do you see what does it means? It seems to me nevertheless clear: and if the world was only an illusion, the fruit of our imagination? The percentage which represents the material is 0,0000000000001 %, that is almost nothing! Everything consists mainly of “space” and nevertheless everything seems to us filled! But, is this “space” really “empty”? For us it seems empty because it is invisible, impalpable and nevertheless I find hard to believe that this “space” is not occupied by what makes that today we are capable of reflecting: our consciousness.

Everything is energy

glass-fibres-1118066_1920We are not much on Earth and nevertheless we are big at the same time. We see very well with this infinitesimal percentage that the material in an atom represents that the even the smallest speck of dust is “consequent” and important not for the Universe… but for our consciousness, our human life.

Today I am still amazed in face of all these miracles which are a part of our everyday life and which are omnipresent in our reality; the oxygen, the electricity, the magnetism, the gravity, the metabolism of living beings, instinct, communication appropriate to the Nature and its perfectly orchestrated development and in accordance with the world which surrounds us… We became used to it forgetting that everything was completed! Everything was thought intelligently… We spend our time to demonstrate it! It’s as if the man examined through a magnifying glass and tried to understand where from results this intelligence while it’s himself integral part of this “intelligence”. The energy which drives us is an obvious fact with which we live in any indulgence. No need to explain it so that we can live and so that our heart continues to beat… The energy of the life lives in us! Unless it’s us who lived in this creative energy which has permit us building the world of today… My feeling is that we are the energy inside the energy. We have the sensation of a separation but this separation is an illusion. We are the life at the heart of another life.

The science reveals us facets of the invisible and proves to us that it is not because elements are invisible for us that they are non-existent! Why can we then have so much evil to believed that the world is only an illusion? Maybe we simply wish “to forget” this information to live fully this human experience which serves us as escape. Nevertheless, to think of the eventuality of such a supposition can allow us to live fully all the situations of our life without saying to oneself that everything is “empty” of sense. That we feel this “space” seems to me completely normal because we consist of space in 99,9999999999999 %! But isn’t it us who fill this illusory “space”?

“Nothing gets lost, nothing builds up itself, everything is transformed” Albert Einstein

The perfect illusion

splash-863458_1920Everything was also thought so that living beings are not disrupted by their consciousness. This one wakes up slowly in the course of their growth. You imagine if we had access to all this information from our birth? Maybe let us would like to leave immediately and not to put a single foot on Earth! But not, we are born in a body which protects our consciousness, which leaves the time her to bloom in the benevolence and to adapt itself to its appearance. Is the child unconscious after all that?

It was recognized by the science that the child, from an early age and even during his gestation in the stomach of her mother, develops experiences polysensorielles which help him to differentiate his own body as opposed to the other physical bodies which surround him. Very young, he acts naturally according to his personal pleasure and tries then to draw the attention on his own existence. He takes coconsciousness of the image which is reflected to him in the mirror and others before reaching the self-awareness and the symbolic thought of the adult, the “theories of the spirit” which feed the self-awareness. A necessary progress; this lapse of time is essential to prepare the consciousness to face all the possible situations of the life, otherwise the consciousness would not support so for a long time circumstances as much as it can make it by evolving. The illusion protects us; she is essential in our development to allow us to live fully what we have to live with our rhythm, quite smoothly.


eye-1173863_1920Meanwhile, our consciousness prints completely this reality as the absolute truth and leaves no room in the “space”, in the unknown who could disrupt us and make us feverish. The real sensations of plenitude, in spite of this transparent “space”, are felt thanks to this process of our development. At the bottom, it is this feeling which is the most important and most essential for us to feel! And, in it: the nature is made well! While taking of the age our doubts, questionings, the people’s opinion and the evolution of the society lead to forget to us that we are “perfect” beings; tucks of sense and creative potential, resulting from the Universe and supported by a nature which aspires to our wealth and to our happiness.

During our childhood, we are deluded with illusions for our protection. On Earth, it’s the same thing! In the adulthood, our consciousness wakes up every day a little more and we have the choice to continue to live in the illusion or to penetrate into new dimensions. The Earth, her, will not disappear overnight from our consciousness! We can well wake up tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: this reality is not transformed from day to day. And fortunately for our consciousness! You imagine if we woke up in a world and the next day in an other one? We would be complement disorientated… and, nevertheless, it’s what happens at us every day when we dream! But we are conscious that we dream about another dimension which does not seem to us “real” ; for us it’s another illusion! But if it was not one? We would be probably terrified or lost… then we prefer to think that it’s an illusion for our own protection and zone of comfort. Others could also think that we became crazy! To think reasonably, to show itself cartesian and “lucid” allows to become integrated well into the society and to avoid a bunch of problems! I nevertheless have the impression to think reasonably and in any lucidity. The real problem isn’t to believe that we are aware of everything and that we can explain everything “reasonably” while the miracle of the life exceeds by far our understanding? By imagining that this world is only the fruit of our imagination and that it’s not “real”, for the moment: the illusion is perfect!



Written by Leandro De Carvalho.

Live in perfect harmony with the world

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